About Us     Our minister Rev Gill Baalham

We are a warm, friendly, welcoming Church with people of all ages!

This is our minister Rev Gill Baalham.

We worship God in a variety of ways. Our services are a mixture of fairly traditional  and contemporary.  Our minister is with us several times in a quarter - Occasionally at an 8.15am Holy Communion and sometimes at a 10am service. Other services are taken by local preachers, invited leaders or by the church congregation.

Our aim is to represent the Body of Christ in our community and to provide a focus for people to worship God.

We aim to grow in fellowship with each other and to strengthen our ties as a church family, to encourage and nurture people in their growing faith through different styles of worship and fellowship.

We commit ourselves to outreach into the community by offering our faith and our resources of buildings, time, money and practical skills to be used in local activities.  We seek to provide friendship and a meeting place for all ages and the differing needs of our community, being particularly mindful of the young, elderly and disabled.

We are committed to working alongside Christians of other traditions and to foster a spirit of unity and fellowship.

We seek to play our full part in the life of the North Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit www.northbedsmethodist.org.uk and the Methodist Church of Great Britain www.methodist.org.uk and across the world as we are able.